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The Oasis family

Over the last 20 years, Oasis has grown and grown…and grown! We have bases in 10 countries worldwide and we’re involved in everything from working with vulnerable children and their families in Uganda to working with victims of human trafficking in India.

The Oasis Family

The Oasis ethos holds all this together but you can find out more about the other members of our family by visiting their websites:

Oasis Global


Oasis Community Learning

Oasis Community Learning is the umbrella governing body for all the Oasis Academies. OCL is part of the Oasis Group in the UK and from this site you can visit the websites of each of the Oasis Academies.


Oasis Church Network

The Oasis Church network is a growing network of churches that are both different and make a difference, by working out what Oasis believes being a hub for the community really means.



In 2001, Oasis joined with a handful of other organisations to found the Faithworks Movement. Faithworks now has over 20,000 members including individuals, churches and organisations all motivated by their faith to serve the needs of their local communities.



People trafficking is one of the worlds fastest growing illegal industries. At Oasis, we believe people should not be bought or sold. STOP THE TRAFFIK is our repsonse to this appauling trade.Through STOP THE TRAFFIK , Oasis and our friends aim to increase awareness of this worldwide problem and call for change.


People's Parliament

People's Parliament inspires community innovation and encourages debate between civil society and government. We believe that our democracy should and can be more democratic. The People's Parliament gathers at the Oasis Centre, which is home to dozens of inspirational charities, it is situated on the south side of the river and is a stone's throw from Westminster.