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STOP THE TRAFFIK delivers historic petition to UN

1.5 MillionSTOP THE TRAFFIK has delivered a historic petition of over 1.5 million declarations from people on all continents of the world to call for more UN action against people trafficking.

Launched in March 2006 by Oasis and some of our friends, STOP THE TRAFFIK  is taking on the global problem of people trafficking, one of the worlds fastest growing illegal industries, by working towards the prevention of the sale of people, the prosecution of the traffickers and the protection of the victims. 

Oasis Founder and Chairman of STOP THE TRAFFIK, Steve Chalke explains why today's meeting is so important, “What use is a petition unless it achieves something remarkable. This is a histori

c global declaration. Millions of people are not only aware of this crime but committed to do something for the millions who are trafficked. STOP THE TRAFFIK is committed to be part of the solution to the global issue that it is proclaiming" he said.

STOP THE TRAFFIK also announced the launch its new Global Fund. The fund will support  projects that follow regional trafficking routes around the world and commit money to prevent, protect and prosecute starting in South Asia.

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