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A Matter of Integrity

At its heart, it's about Inclusion

Oasis is rooted in, and motivated by, a Christian ethos. As such, we believe that every human being – regardless of age, sexuality, nationality or creed - is a unique being, created by a God who loves them unconditionally.

We are a movement that engages with people all over the world, that is responsible for over 15,000 young people in our academies and attempts to build communities and churches that are truly inclusive.

We are aware that during times of public debate on issues surrounding same-sex relationships, negative and sometimes damaging comments can be made about people who are homosexual. We believe it is our responsibility to do everything we can to help all people recognise that they are made in the image of a God who loves and treasures them.

Given that homophobic bullying remains a problem at schools across the UK, we think it is vital that our students (and other young people we work with) understand that any negative comments made by some are not reflective of Oasis’s Christian ethos and values.

In January 2013, the founder of Oasis, Steve Chalke published an article entitled ‘A Matter of Integrity’, in Christianity Magazine. This article raises significant questions about the nature of biblical interpretation around same-sex relationships.

This section provides resources for further conversation on these issues as well as signposting toward pastoral support for those who are personally impacted by them.


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