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Restoring Confidence in the Bible

The bible is the sacred text of the Christian faith and as such should be treated with the utmost seriousness.


In the article, ‘Restoring Confidence in the Bible’, Steve Chalke calls on the world-wide church to have an open and honest dialogue about how we should understand the bible and apply it to the new challenges that face each generation.


Download the article in PDF format or purchase a copy to read on your Kindle.


Steve has also written an abridged version of the article called ‘Have we misread the Bible?’ in the March edition of Christianity Magazine, please download a PDF version.

Join the conversation...

Steve’s article does not aim to give people answers to the big questions raised.  Instead we seek to facilitate an honest conversation.


Check out the new blog ‘Unlocking the Bible’.  Digest the content, leave comments and join the discussion.