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Support for 'Restoring Confidence in the Bible'

"The writing that Steve Chalke has done here about the Bible is groundbreaking - whether you find this ancient library of books inspiring, confusing, or irrelevant, he will give you much to think about as he explains what the Bible is and how we can engage with it in the modern world. A lot of people are going to find this extremely helpful."

Rob Bell, Author and pastor, founder of Mars Hill Bible Church, Michigan.


“Steve Chalke asks some big questions and outlines some helpful principles to help our reflections … and will, I hope, encourage us to explore further and to rethink why we believe what we believe about the Scriptures.'

Paula Gooder, Theologian


“Steve Chalke is challenging the Church, and especially its Evangelical community, to face up to questions about the Bible that can no longer be evaded…It is hard to know where this conversation will lead me, but I do know that it represents a major transition for the Church and that if I refuse to engage in it I am a coward.”

Tony Campolo, Sociologist, author and public speaker


“Whatever your angle on it, there can be no doubt that Steve Chalke has identified the right questions here - and offers useful pointers for further reflection as readers are invited to work out the answers for themselves.”

John Drane, Theologian


“Restoring Confidence in the Bible addresses issues all Christians must face - Evangelical, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, and Orthodox - around the world.”

Brian McLaren, Author, speaker and activist