A revolution in youth justice

“What I have seen today is genuinely the first of its kind in this country” – Edwards Argar MP, Minister of State for Prisons.


Earlier this month, Oasis Founder Steve Chalke welcomed Edwards Argar MP, Minister of State for Prisons, to meet Oasis Restore staff and other partners, including NHS England, as the country’s first Secure School prepares to open in the coming weeks.

Oasis Restore is a revolution in the criminal justice system, offering therapeutic, integrated, and bespoke support for the young people in its care. Restore is ambitious for every young person and will plan pathways for transition into the community or into the wider custodial estate from the first day that young people arrive, revolutionising the way society rehabilitates young people, and restoring hope, while also making communities safer and cutting the cost of crime.

The Secure School is based on international research which shows how smaller settings, high-quality education, and healthcare provision, plus a specialised workforce of teachers and youth workers are the key to successfully turning around the lives of young people in custody.

Restore will be home to up to 49 children at any one time and every young person will be enrolled in formal education or training and encouraged into further study or secure employment on release. Young people will also be trained in workshops designed to give them the qualifications necessary to go straight into employment or further study on release.

This new Secure School approach was recommended by the now Chief Inspector of Prisons, Charlie Taylor, who conducted a wholesale review of youth justice while chair of the Youth Justice Board.

Steve Chalke, Oasis Founder, said:

“You can’t hope to help or heal someone by hurting them. Oasis Restore represents a revolution in youth justice – a revolution that’s built on both science and experience.

“The core principle behind the Secure School and the work of our staff team is an unshakeable commitment to the belief that the only way to create positive change for the young people we serve, as well as to make our streets and communities safer, is to ensure that restoration sits at the very heart of the youth custodial system.

“That is our privilege and our task.”