5.5 million families lost Universal Credit top-up

Steve Chalke, Oasis Founder

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who cannot repay you.”

John Bunyan 

We’re all hoping for a better Christmas this year, when we can get together with our families and celebrate all that it means.

But Christmas festivities will last only a few days in what is set to be a hard winter for those on low incomes.

The loss of the Universal Credit weekly £20 top-up means 5.5 million families* have seen a sudden £1,040 p.a. drop in income, with many plunged into poverty. Some 60% of these are families are in work, and the ones we know are already telling us they will struggle. Fuel price increases and rising food costs are hitting many households hard. We have waiting lists at our food projects and choosing between heating and eating is a reality for many.


Oasis Community Hub teams across the country work with hundreds of families on the lowest incomes every day of the year, and they are gearing up to ensure children and adults alike get to enjoy presents and treats and a Christmas meal too.

Could you make a gift of £20 or more to help them? Here are just some of the things our Hub Teams have planned and how your gift would help.

*Source: Joseph Rowntree Foundation. 2021 Impact of the planned £20-perweek reduction in Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit

How you can help families this Christmas

Food bargains in Birmingham

A £20 gift could pay for 5 visits (£4 each) to one of our social supermarket like this one at Oasis Hub Hobmoor in Birmingham where members get £20 worth of food for the price of one visit. See video 

Hundreds of hampers in Worcester

The Team at Oasis Hub Warndon, in Worcester, is just one of the 40 or so Oasis Hubs making up hundreds of Christmas hampers for local families.

“With a gift of £20 our community team can use their contacts with supermarkets and charities to get free goods and discounts. they can pack around £45 of food and treats into each parcel.”
Fay Osbourne, Hub Leader 

Toys and treats in Bristol

“We’re sourcing toys and gifts for children whose families are surviving on low incomes so they have something nice to open on Christmas Day.

The presents will be passed to parents to give
instead of them coming directly from us. We also plan to give every one of our families a Christmas food hamper but we can only do this with the generosity of our kind supporters. Thank you.”
Sammy Ball, Community Worker

Clothes for children in Grimsby

“We’re making 100 Christmas Eve boxes for local families which will contain gifts for children aged 5-16 such new clothes items such as socks, pyjamas and underwear as well as craft items and chocolates. They will also receive a Christmas Dinner food box from our community pantry.”
Sharon Lines, Community Worker