Plate Up's Impact

Since its inception in 2018, Plate Up has been reaching and helping thousands of children and their families every year. This number keeps rising and so far to date we have achieved the following.

Number of meals provided
Number of children reached
Sessions delivered (physical & virtual)

Why are school children going hungry?

Holiday Hunger affects thousands of school children whose families rely on free school meals.

When schools close for holidays, families on the lowest incomes struggle to pay for extra food. Parents often skip meals themselves or live off cereal so their children can eat. Children as young as 5 are going hungry.

Plate Up was launched in 2018 to tackle rising rates of holiday hunger. The aim was to deliver a range of programme activities including sport, music and art, helping to engage young people in stigma free environment where they can access food without embarrassment or having to ask.

Activities are delivered by a combination of trained youth workers and volunteers for 10 weeks of the year, on a 5-day basis, providing 30,000 meals for approximately 3,000 young people every year.


This year brought unprecedented levels of change as our schools shut down for up to 6 months and children experienced high levels of anxiety and lack of social contact.

Our response has been to adapt Plate Up into the Summer Sessions which incorporated activities aimed at improving mental health & well-being and ‘back to school’ taster sessions.

This is a vital programme that we simply cannot do without your help so please consider donating to Plate Up. With your help, families need no longer dread the school holidays.

Your £5 donation will pay for a meal and activities for 1 child. Just click on the donation box above.

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