Body and Soul with Mr MotivatorJoin us for a fun fitness workout

Join Mr Motivator for Body and Soul on 10-14 May 2021 – it’s a fun fitness routine that will give us all a lift, raise funds for our  mental health work and maybe set a record.


Join us for Body and Soul on 10-14 May 2021

Motivate your body and soul with our eight-minute physical and emotional fitness workout.

Oasis is teaming up with Mr Motivator, The Children’s Society and actors’ charity, Applause for Thought, to create a special fitness routine that will lift people mentally and physically and raise funds for young people’s mental health.

‘As we move out of a year of Covid restrictions, we all want to get motivated – physically and emotionally,’ says Oasis Founder Steve Chalke, ‘especially young people who have had a tough time with missed education and isolation from friends.’

Body and Soul combines easy dance moves that anyone from 5 to 85 can join in. You’ll be able to access videos to learn the routine.

For more information and to sign up, go to: