Character Development

Essential services can give people crucial support in daily life – but truly strong communities are built on the foundation of healthy relationships and people’s character.  Our hub model seeks to bring people closer, forging a strong sense to community identity.  In everything we do, we also look to embed the principles of strong character in ourselves and everyone we work with.  These principles are based on the Oasis 9 habits.
Character building in action at Oasis Skinner Street
A standard school education can fill your head with facts.  It can teach you to examine and analyse; to code and calculate.  But in isolation it cannot motivate a love of learning.  It can’t nurture a passion to use that knowledge for good.  It can’t, on its own, motivate young people to be healthy and productive members of their families and communities.
That’s why Oasis Academy Skinner Street knew that the Oasis 9 habits programme would be essential to true transformation at the primary school.  Having gone from ‘Special measures’ to being judged ‘Good’ by Ofsted in just one year, the Academy has put character development at the heart of its curriculum.
“Children are only at school for a fraction of their lives, but as they grow older they will continue to face obstacles, challenges and opportunities,” says Dan Morrow, Principal of Oasis Academy Skinner Street.  “To continue reaching their potential at every stage in their lives they need patience, self-control, hope – the qualities that the 9 habits seek to embed.  When Ofsted inspectors visited our school, they didn’t just find that children had a better grasp of reading and maths; they witnessed youngsters enthusiastically talking about their favourite habit as well as the one they find hardest and were working on.  That’s the key to an education that lasts a life time.”
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