The term ‘church’, has come to be used in a variety of different ways, however, when Oasis uses the word ‘church’, we mean:

  • A community rather a building: The word church originally means ‘community’; it is the collective noun for a group of people gathered around the example and teachings of Jesus. We therefore sometimes talk about church as a ‘Christ-centred community’.
  • A breadth of activity across the week rather than just a Sunday service: The word worship originally referred simply to living in a way ‘worthy’ of your guiding vision. Jesus summed up his vision as “Love God. Love others as you love yourself.” The ‘worship’ of an Oasis church (which may or may not include meetings on Sundays) will reflect this understanding.
  • Meeting together for intentional teaching and learning: Church communities meet together on a regular basis as an intentional way of learning about living the way of Christ, building relationships, and serving the needs of others to bring about community transformation.

As our churches grow, one of their priorities is to support the breadth of our community work through volunteering, resourcing in other ways, and serving as ambassadors in the local community, therefore contributing to a deepened sense of local ownership and participation.

The outworking of this vision for church is that all of our work across each of our communities is Christ-centred (driven by his values) rather than just the work of an Oasis church. Wherever and whenever a person (student, staff member, volunteer, wider community member, local or central government official etc.) or partner organisation/community group experiences any aspect of Oasis’ work, they should experience this reality. In essence an Oasis church is simply the focal point, though never the sole owner of, Christ-centeredness in any community where we work.

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