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Oasis has contributed to the Interserve sustainability goal of achieving 15% of their employees volunteering in local community causes. An example of this being the West Bromwich based finance team, who dedicated a whole day of their time helping to transform an empty field in Oasis Hub Foundry into a safe and secure home for llamas and goats. When finished, the space boasted a large animal shelter and robust fencing complete with gate. In fact, the day was so successful, the team revisited again in 2018 to complete phase 2 of the transformation!

For more information and to discuss oppurtunities please email Diana.Steele@oasisuk.org.

Oasis Charitable Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 2818823) and a Registered Charity (no. 1026487) Registered Office: 1 Kennington Road, London SE1 7QP