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Employee engagement

Oasis, the Neighbourhood Charity operates a multi-Academy trust responsible for 47 academies reaching 21,000 youths, a housing provider reaching approx. 2,000 vulnerable adults and a community ‘hub’ provider reaching an additional 42,000 individuals.  This means we always have opportunities for your employees to engage in a programme aligned to your objectives.

Projects can be tailor designed to help staff develop leadership, professional and interpersonal skills as part of their career path.

Barclays - employment case study

Employee engagement case study - Interserve

For more information and to discuss opportunities please email Diana Nell - diana.nell@oasisuk.org 

Oasis Charitable Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 2818823) and a Registered Charity (no. 1026487) Registered Office: 1 Kennington Road, London SE1 7QP