From A&E to a freer future

George’s father was honest with Ashley, the youth worker from the Oasis Youth Support Service at North Middlesex Hospital.  He didn’t think that she, or the service could help his 15 year old son.  George had just been in A&E following a violent attack.  How could a youth worker really stop that happening again?  It was, he reasoned, just what happened to people like them.

But Ashley didn’t give up.  She kept channels open.  Eventually George’s father agreed to let her visit his son.

Ashley didn’t treat George like a project.  She treated him like a person.  She got to know George and she got to know the family.  She discovered that the family were a strong unit that cared for each other but had run into financial difficulty.  To do his bit to help, George had got involved in illegal work.  He was in danger of being hurt again.

Ashley didn’t judge.  She continued to gain the trust of the family and making use of local partnerships, helped them get support in managing their finances and getting out of debt.  She worked with George on CV so that when he turned 16 he could find legal work to help his family at the same time as continuing at school.

Ashley didn’t set out to be a superhero; she just tried to be a friend.  It is thanks to your support that this and other life transforming changing work by Oasis is possible.

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