Global partnerships

Oasis responds to the local needs of communities in 10 countries worldwide spanning across three continents which requires an enormous amount of logistical resource network.

Global partnering is vital to supporting the varying needs of country specific programmes in ways suitable and appropriate to them. From providing upfront funds, gifts in kind or technical expertise; your support is key to helping us bring about change.




Headquartered in Bristol, ITEC is an active partner in the communities where their staff live and work, with sports, education and charities at the forefront of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme. Leading providers in print and document technology, ITEC recently partnered with Oasis to realise our vision of providing a solar powered IT container classroom using the very latest low energy IT infrastructure and satellite connectivity to the Oasis Academy Musoto situated in Mbale, Uganda. The very first Oasis school outside of the UK!

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