HelpOUT Fund Application
Please fill out this form honestly and as detailed as you can and/or are comfortable with. If you would prefer to make your application over the phone, please phone 020 7921 4294. The HelpOUT fund was established to assist those who would like to attend IN THE NAME OF LOVE: The Bible, Gender Identity, and Same Sex Relationships. This is a one-day event, led by Steve Chalke and The Open Church Network, touring to Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester (Salford), Sheffield and Southampton. As this fund is dependent on the generosity of other attendees and supporters of Oasis, please be advised that in the event the fund is empty your application may be denied or put on hold until the fund is replenished. Any further questions can be directed to the Open Church Network team at
Please evaluate your circumstances honestly. As we hope to offer assistance to as many people who need it, if you can attend on partial coverage we would appreciate your transparency.
We realise this question may be more personal than you're comfortable with. If you choose not to fill it out, it will not prejudice your application. However, we do ask, in that instance, that you provide us with additional detail at the end of this application according to what you're comfortable sharing. Additionally, if nothing of the below describes your situation that will not prejudice your application.
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