Kolo and the Mango Park Mystery

The next book about the Mighty Mangoes football team by Dave Caswell is out now. Dave runs the Oasis Football for Life programme and bases his books on Oasis football teams in Africa


‘Kolo and the Mango Park Mystery’ is the latest book by Dave Caswell featuring the adventures of the ‘Mighty Mangoes’ football team.

In this new adventure, strange things are happening in the lives of Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes.

Who is the mysterious and grumpy man who has moved into the house opposite Kolo?

Why is Coach Kato behaving so oddly and who is the stranger they are both secretly talking to?

And what has all this got to do with the Mighty Mangoes, the upcoming football tournament, and Mango Park?

Aimed at the Year 5 age range, the reader is drawn into the moral dilemmas the characters face.

You can find out more about Dave and his books at www.davecaswellauthor.com


Steve Chalke MBE, Oasis Founder and Leader, says about the book,

“A fantastic story full of humour, twists and turns, and ultimately of valuable life lessons. The questions at the end of each chapter allow the reader to reflect on the themes of the story and consider their own response to many of the issues facing children and young people today. Not only is this a great book for children, but it’s perfect for schools and football clubs.”​​​​​​​

And it isn’t only children here in the UK who are benefiting from these stories. Wambi Hashim, Coach at the Oasis Beersheba Football Club in Uganda says,

“My under 12 team love the Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes stories. As a group we discuss the themes and questions together and learn from each other. The stories have really helped the team to think about their own lives and I’ve seen their behaviour and character change because of what they have learnt and discussed.”

‘Kolo and the Mango Park Mystery’ is now available as an eBook and paperback from Amazon and other book retailers. www.davecaswellauthor.co