Leave a gift in your will

Leave a gift in your will

Everyone wants to leave this world with a knowledge that the things they care about will be looked after when they’re gone.

By leaving a gift to Oasis in your Will, you can help ensure that our life-changing work continues for years to come.

Oasis has a strong hope for the future; a future where every person is able to reach their God-given potential, and is included in a healthy, happy community. I would like to think that the work of Oasis could carry on well into the future, so that they can continue reaching out to vulnerable young people and their families, and that’s why I’ve chosen to leave a gift to Oasis in my Will.” Oasis Supporter

Making a will is so important. Not only is it the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out, it is also helpful for your family and loved ones when sorting out your assets.

How to make and update your will

When making or updating your will it is advisable to consult a solicitor when making your Will. The Law Society will have information about your local solicitors. Their phone number is 0870 606 2555. Your solicitor will be able to help you with the wording of your gift.

We are happy to talk to you about how a gift in your Will could transform individuals and communities. You’re also welcome to visit one of our projects and see the difference we are making.

Contact Megan Morris or call 020 7921 4200 for more information.

Your solicitor can advise you on the different ways you can leave a gift in your Will. No matter how big or small, every gift is valuable. We are happy to invest your gift into the area of work you are most interested in, whether that’s housing, education, youth work or health projects.

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