Tackling the UK's mental health crisis - one child at a time

The UK is in the grip of a mental health crisis.  Thanks to Mental Health Awareness Week, the suffering of countless men and women is finally getting at least a fraction of the air time it deserves.

At Oasis, we work with over 25,000 young people and their families.  This gives us an awesome responsibility.

Today’s young people face a unique set of challenges and circumstances that can affect their mental health.  From family breakdown to neglect and poverty; maintaining a mental equilibrium in the face of continued adversity can be an all but impossible task.

Our hub model – whereby integrated services serve entire communities and address need holistically – is designed around the belief that people are whole.  You cannot help someone with their education without caring about their emotional wellbeing.  You cannot help someone out of poverty without investing in their spirituality.

That’s why no Oasis Academy is just a school.  While teachers provide excellent education, youth workers, councillors and community workers work to address wider needs including mental wellbeing.

Recently, we’ve been working with Men’s Health Magazine who have partnered with one of our Academies to draw attention to the UK’s mental health crisis and to showcase the excellent work Oasis is pioneering to combat it.

Please read a write up of the Men’s Health feature in the Evening Standard.

The essential work of Oasis to address wider, holistic issues of mental wellbeing is not Government funded.  Without the support of Oasis donors, it would not be possible.  Please give today to help Oasis take the fight to the UK’s mental health crisis and in ensuring that young people achieve their God-given potential.




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