New mental health youth workers

Anxiety, anger management and self-harm – all in a day’s work our mental health youth workers

Oasis Community Hub Hadley has just appointed its first youth workers to support young people with mental health issues.

Bobbiella Andoh (25) and James Titley (29) both have experience and qualifications in motivational therapies and will be supporting young people experiencing the beginnings of mental health issues often brought on by traumatic events. These may include high levels of anxiety, self-harming, anger management and feelings of isolation. 

‘We’re seeing cases where young people have mental health issues, which are not thought serious enough for referral to the NHS Children’s and Adolescents Mental Health Service (CAMHS),’ says Sam Ellis, Hub Leader at Oasis Community Hub Hadley. ‘They end up slipping through the net and start to feel isolated.’ 

Bobbiella is based in A & E 

Bobbiella is based at North Middlesex Hospital in the Safeguarding office. She is contacted whenever a young person is admitted to A& E as a result of assault or self-inflicted injury. ‘The assault or self-inflicted injury that has got them into A & E is what allows us to take them on.’ she says. ‘Underneath there might be other issues they can’t cope with, such as feeling belittled by others, chaotic or violent home backgrounds, learning disabilities or depression.’

Once a young person signs up to work with Bobbiella, they arrange weekly meetings at school or a café (but at the moment via phone or online). ‘I ask them what they want to achieve and I research specific therapies that will help them. I remind them that we cannot control our world but we can control ourselves, and we can find better ways of coping with issues than resorting to violence, drugs or becoming isolated.'

Funding for this placement is through the Violence Reduction Unit of the Mayor of London’s office for Policing and Crime. Together Bobbiella and James will have contact with around 100 young people from the Enfield and Haringey area. 


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