Friday saw tens of thousands of young people come together across the UK in remembrance events to remember those who lost their lives in conflict and to call for peace

In addition to Steve's sessions, we will also have the opportunity to take a ‘deeper dive’ into some specific issues that people often tell us they struggle with.  It would be great if you could indicate a preference (1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest) as to which you would like to attend.  We are relatively confident about being able to give everyone their first preference but it would be good to get your runner up option just in case.

Why does a God of love seem to turn into a lover of violence and war in parts of the Bible?
Why does Paul – and other writers of the Bible – seem to have such a problem with women and what should we do with it?
How best should we understand the parts scripture that seem to prohibit same-sex relationships?
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Please sign up to our campaign to bring awareness to the discrimination and spiritual abuse trans* people receive, particularly in evangelical communities across the UK. Let's remember that, at the end of the day, trans* people are first and foremost people.
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