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Please sign up to our campaign to bring awareness to the discrimination and spiritual abuse trans* people receive, particularly in evangelical communities across the UK. Let's remember that, at the end of the day, trans* people are first and foremost people.
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Previous fundraising experience is not necessary to run for us. It's simply helpful for us to know!

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The stereotype of Rugby as the preserve of country gents and city bankers has been ‘kicked into touch’ with a new campaign launched today by Wasp sensation Danny Cipriani. The Wasp fly-half and fullback has spent the day with youngsters from the five Oasis Academies across Croydon for a taste of professional-level Rugby training followed by an inspirational talk. The ‘Real Rugby’ campaign will showcase the monumental progress the sports had made in becoming one of inclusion and diversity, now taking its physical and social benefits to a diverse range of people and communities.


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