Our communities in the North of England

Oasis Hub Aspinal

Our hub in Aspinal, Manchester seeks to be an inclusive place for the entire community. With an emphasis on supporting vulnerable families, Oasis Academy Aspinal sits at the heart of the hub and is committed to ensuring that each student achieves their potential regardless of their social background or starting point. Every year we run a week's worth of activities in school, where parents and carers are invited into school to participate in activities with their children.

Oasis Hub Don Valley

Working with the Olympic Legacy Group, the community hub seeks to help local young people and their families take full advantage of opportunities brought by the legacy of the Don Valley stadium in Sheffield. Based around the all-through school, Oasis Academy Don Valley, the hub provides drop in opportunities for parents, coffee morning and Zumba class. Oasis is currently exploring plans to launch a community radio station, operated primarily by young people.

Oasis Hub Fir Vale

The children and families of the primary school, Oasis Academy Fir Vale are served by a range of activities from the hub, all of which empower parents to play a greater role in their child’s education. The Oasis Hub is currently working with sister charity, Oasis Aquila Housing to help provide housing solutions in the community, located in Sheffield.

Oasis Hub Harpur Mount

Located in the Harpurhey community in inner-city Manchester, our Oasis hub is working to transform lives and opportunity. Following a successful Ofsted in 2014, Oasis Academy Harpur Mount became the community’s first GOOD rated school. It works inclusively across the community to raise aspiration and empower young people to have the best possible start in life.

Oasis Hub Henderson Ave

By forging strong links within the local community, and internationally through a strong relationship with Oasis Bangladesh the hub works to embed community and character in young people and their families. Lead by Oasis Academy Henderson Avenue, a GOOD community school the hub offers projects and activities that encourage opportunity and develop connection points across generations and different aspects of the community.

Oasis Hub Lister Park

At the heart of our community in Bradford is Oasis Academy Lister Park. The inclusive Academy seeks to give young people the best possible start in life and embed values of community engagement, nurture character and provide an exceptional education. The hub also operates a ‘Women's and Girls'’ (WAGs) group which runs coffee mornings and other activities during the week.

Oasis Hub Liverpool

The community hub model of Oasis is transforming opportunities and helping people reach their God-given potential across some of Britain’s biggest cities. Our growing hub in Liverpool is an exceptional example of how even a small community can come together to help navigate life’s obstacles. Through activities such as a food distribution service the hub helps meet basic needs and as well as offering services – such as debt advice – which address underlying issues. Through the work of the community church, the hub helps people build strong relationships.

Oasis Hub MediaCity UK

Thriving youth work; an Ofsted GOOD Academy and an active community church. These are just some of the projects at the heart of the Oasis hub in MediaCityUK serving the Salford community and meeting a range of needs. Partnering with Salford Integrated Youth Support Service, the hub provides high quality youth work in a number of different forms, including drop-in sessions, holiday activities, sports and the opportunity to be a part of specific projects.

Oasis Hub Oldham

Based in the Hollinwood community of Oldham, the vibrant hub features a range of projects and activities designed to strengthen the community. From pre-school activities to adult learning, the hub connects with people from a variety of backgrounds and ages and is a partner in the Oldham credit union, a community based finance initiative owned and run by local people and providing fair and straightforward financial services.

Oasis Hub Parkwood

Hard at work on the Westcliffe estate in Scunthorpe, the hub centres around Oasis Academy Parkwood, a GOOD school which delivers exceptional education and promotes opportunity and social integration. Bursting with activities for young people, their families and the wider community the hub continues to forge strong partnerships and promote a culture of inclusion and opportunity.

Oasis Hub South Grimsby

From savings schemes and food services to holiday clubs and leisure facilities, the thriving community hub is working inclusively across the community to meet basic needs, promote interdependence and promote holistic wellbeing. Consisting of the primary Oasis Academy Nunsthorpe and the secondary Oasis Academy Wintringham along with a fledgling community church, the hub breaks down barriers of age, social and cultural background to bring people closer together so that everyone can make the most of life’s opportunities.

Oasis Hub Watermead

Oasis Academy Watermead is at the heart of this Sheffield hub and seeks to help every young person achieve their full potential through offering character development and the best possible primary education. Recently, thanks to funding from TESCO, the hub has opened a new community orchard to create a new experience for young people and a centre for the community to come together.

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