The Oasis 9 Habits Programme

The Oasis Habits

The 9 Habits are a tried and tested character development programme that forms the basis of Oasis’ highly successful student and staff development across its 51 schools and 27 charities. 

We believe that continually developing our character to become the best version of ourselves is vitally important for everyone.

The programme develops a way of life characterised by being considerate, compassionate, humble, joyful, honest, hopeful, self-controlled, patient and forgiving.  This does not happen by chance: it has to be intentional and practice based. 

In following this programme we are able to live as people at peace with ourselves and others and act as creators of peace in our world. 

We provide resources for use in schools (Key Stages 1-4) or in church/youth groups and with staff teams. 

Our 9 Habits resources are available to download here:


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