Oasis to increase community work in Scunthorpe

Thanks to their network of Academies, Oasis is present in a large number of communities across the UK.  Thanks to a new grant from the Government, the group can now take their life changing community work in Scunthorpe to new levels. 

By appointing a new Community Hub leader to pioneer work in Oasis Hub Henderson Avenue, they will ensure that residents are engaged in designing, delivering and leading services  - something which is at the heart of the Oasis model. Seeking to put relationship and connection at the heart of all that they do, the hub will work alongside local people to bring about change and transformation.

Although there is a great deal of individual and collective potential in Scunthorpe, many local people have to navigate multiple disadvantages. Half of the residents live in the 20% most deprived neighbourhoods in North Lincolnshire. Unemployment, child poverty and domestic abuse are significantly above average. The proportion of 5 year olds assessed as ready for school is significantly below the North Lincolnshire average. Rates of excess weight amongst 5 and 11 year old children are significantly above the national average and life expectancy is the lowest in North Lincolnshire.

Given the needs of the community, hub activities will focus on:

·         Health & wellbeing

·         Adult Education

·         Community empowerment

·         Family support

Thanks to the commitment of the academy and community team, Oasis has  already established close working relationships with a wide variety of businesses, community groups, the local Children’s Centre, the Anglican diocese, faith groups and statutory providers (including the main housing provider ONGO). The team are excited to see these partnerships develop and services work together more efficiently to provide a supportive environment that harnesses the assets of Crosby and Park.

Dave Parr, CEO of Oasis Community Partnerships says, “We are incredibly grateful that the Department for Communities and Local Government have seen the benefit of our model and are helping us extend it in Scunthorpe.  However, obtaining this kind of support is rare and the reality is that the majority of our community work is only possible because of the kind and generous support we receive from Oasis supporters.”

Oasis Charitable Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 2818823) and a Registered Charity (no. 1026487) Registered Office: 1 Kennington Road, London SE1 7QP