How to get involved

What you do is up to you! Swim 2 miles, walk for 20. Bake 200 cakes, memorise 20 poems, hula hoop for 20 minutes. Whatever you do – we’ll do it together, as we all raise money for the Oasis 2gether weekend.

Our target for the weekend is £20,000. Everything you give and raise will help provide vital mental health support for children and their families in our local communities.

Why take part?

The Oasis 2gether weekend is a celebration of community, a reminder of Oasis’ mission of community transformation, and a once-a-year opportunity to raise some money together to keep growing opportunity for everyone to thrive.

Why mental health support? 

Since the outbreak of the covid pandemic, the number of children being referred to mental health services has hit a record high, and we are seeing a 16% increase in the number of counselling referrals through Oasis family and youth support. Children with mental health difficulties are more than twice as likely to live in households newly falling behind with bills, rent, or mortgage payments. 1 in 10 children report that since the cost-of-living crisis their family hasn’t had enough to eat or is increasingly reliant on foodbanks.

We need a whole family response – supporting both children and their carers. If you can fundraise with us this June, the money you raise will help provide counselling, family support, and targeted mentoring for young people who need it most.

How to take part in Oasis 2gether

  1. Decide on your challenge or event to run between 16-18 June
  2. Click on the button below to start your own fundraising, or donate to the campaign via Justgiving
  3. Have fun! Post photos of your challenge or event on social media and tag us in! #Oasis2gether