Consultancy and training with the Oasis team

All Oasis training and consultancy are led and delivered by our highly experienced team members who bring together theory and practise to help you and your organisation learn, grow and develop.  Some of our training takes place through established interactive training programmes but we also develop bespoke offers and opportunities for those with a tailored requirement.

Our training and consultancy offers tend to fall within the three areas outlined below.  Are these the areas that you or your organisation are looking to grow in?  If so, our model of interactive learning, groups discussions, learning materials, staff reflections – all supported by appropriate reading on the subject – might be just what you’re looking for.

For more information on our packages or to discuss a bespoke need please contact Clive Dudbridge on


Character driven leadership

At Oasis we believe that true and determined leadership derives from a considered and intentional commitment to personal character.  Our one-day training course ‘Always Learning, Always growing’ helps leaders embed ongoing reflective process into personal development, ensuring that you are constantly and productively reassessing your leadership style in order to be agile and response to new challenges and opportunities

We also offer training on ‘Growing Emotional Healthy People’ exploring emotional intelligence and literacy. This equips people to recognise their emotions and to see how managing them appropriately and positively is core to securing confident relationships and working practices.  Separate programmes can also explore leading conflict transformation, mediation, and our extended ‘Adair’ Leadership model with ‘Leading out of who you are’ as well as managing ‘Task, Team and Individual. You have to understand yourself before you can lead others.

Having used a variety of team building programmes as part of our own leadership development, we are qualified to train in both Belbin team and MBTI personality profiling.


Organisational transformation

Since 1985 Oasis has grown from one man in the back office of a Baptist church to a global organisation that works in 9 different countries and employs thousands of people.  In that time we have gained huge learnings around managing growth and change, keeping the mission central to evolving circumstances and building an organisational culture around shared values.

We offer specific training in growing and developing an organisational culture and ethos, based on our own experience of developing and embedding our ‘9 Habits’ across the different parts of our own Oasis family.

Other charities, schools and faith and community groups might benefit from our ‘Delivering Character Formation’ programme that we have put into practise across our 50 Academies in the UK.

We have also developed successful training around improved customer services based on our experience of running a number of social enterprises around the world.  We can create bespoke consultancy packages in this area.


Community transformation and corporate responsibility

In recent years, we have worked with a number of corporate partners to help them improve their social responsibility offer based on our knowledge and experience of the needs of grass-root communities around the world.  We can create tailored programmes and packages for partners, which often spring out of our leadership, character and organisational growth training programmes.

We also work with smaller community groups such as churches to help them develop community action plans that lead to local transformation.  Our ‘Active Church’ programme has become increasingly popular and we also work with churches on a case by case basis as well as mentoring church leaders.

As a global charity, we have extensive experience in measuring the impact of our work and are keen to work with other charities to help them develop their own impact measurement and form their narrative, measure and theories of change.


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