Practical tools to help your church

As society confronts the daunting issues of unemployment, economic downturn and the educational impact on a generation of children and young people, the church has a huge opportunity to be a part of the answer.

In our winter 2021 conferences on ‘Reimagine: The Church Beyond Covid’  we explored:

  • How churches can respond to the social, spiritual, economic and practical needs of individuals and whole communities?
  • What challenges will people face in a post-Covid Britain?
  • How do we reimagine stronger, Christ-centred and more inclusive church communities?

Scroll down to find videos of all the sessions at the February 2021 conference below.

Click below to see Oasis publications and group resources exploring these themes further.

Video sessions 1-5

Title Date Link
Session 1 The Theology of Community Part 1 See video
Session 2 The Theology of Community Part 2 See video
Session 3 Q & A Session See video
Session 4 Panel Discussion See video
Session 5 Building Partnerships and Sustainability See video
Oasis publications and group resources Go to website

Programme and speakers

Sessions will be led by Steve Chalke, who will be joined by a panel of Senior Oasis Community Leaders. There will be an opportunity for you to ask the panel questions.

The programme will cover:

  • The Theology of Community Building – why this is at the heart of a church
  • Q & A with Steve Chalke (submit your questions online in advance)
  • Understanding your church’s identity and DNA – communicating your theology through your ethos and values
  • Panel discussion: with our Senior Oasis Community Leaders: Andrew Smyth, Oasis Community Hub Leader, Oldham; Jo Dolby, Church and Hub Leader, Oasis Bath; Nathan Jones, Business Development Manager, Oasis Hub Waterloo; and Rebekah Gibson, Waterloo Advice Centre and Foodbank Manager. The Panel will share their motivation for the work they do and explain how Oasis theology works out in practice.They will also give an insight into the nuts and bolts of developing a project with a community centred approach

Saturday, 30 January 2021 from  10am to 1pm repeated on Saturday, 27 February 2021 Tickets: £5 (group of five: £20). 


Churches working at the heart of the community

Today’s churches tend to have smaller congregations with an older age profile but this is not stopping them from reaching out into the community with projects as diverse as food pantries and  support for kinship carers.

Oasis Church Bath

Supporting kinship carers

Some 200,000 children live with kinship carers because their parents cannot care for them. These carers receive very little support.

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Church Hosts 'Your Local Pantry'

Oasis Hub Hobmoor and South Yardley Methodist Church set up a ‘Your Local Pantry’ social supermarket in a matter of weeks.

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Sustainable food projects

Oasis ‘Hub Hobmoor has partnered with the charity FareShare for over 4 years to tackle food poverty.

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A huge opportunity for churches to transform communities

Churches have played a vital role throughout the emergency and there is now a huge opportunity to be part of the solution to these challenging issues and play a role in transforming society.

Come and take part in a practical and thought-provoking webinar aimed at equipping you and your church with the tools and skills to develop and deepen the transformation that you are bringing to your community. There are two dates to choose from, click below to book via Eventbrite.