Andy was just 20 when a car accident left him with a brain injury affecting his speech and mobility.

He needs a wheelchair and with no prospect of work, depression might easily have set in.

Then Andy began to visit Oasis City Farm in Southampton where he got involved in growing plants, animal care and skills workshops such as cookery and woodwork. He has been able to milk goats, collect eggs, and care for reptiles. His cookery skills now extend to  pizzas and other dishes that use fruit and vegetables grown on the farm.

In woodwork, he built himself a wheelchair accessible planter in which he has created his own garden.

The Oasis Farm has provided me with an opportunity to work alongside people where I am valued as an equal,’ says Andy. ‘I love the banter on the farm and my speech and physical abilities are improving all the time.’

As a volunteer, he is now a fully-fledged part of the team who love his sense of humour and compassion. He is also delighted to contribute to the farm’s income by making bird boxes to sell to visitors.

There’s no limit to what I can achieve being involved with such a positive project,’ he says.