Your Local Pantry scheme offers choice at very low cost

Megan Tucker, Hub Leader at Oasis Foundry in Birmingham, got the idea for the FAB Pantry social supermarket when a friend, who was dependent on food parcels in lockdown, said she had eaten lasagne three times in one week.

‘Food bank parcels have their place,’ says Megan, ‘but families like choosing their own food and enjoy the social side of shopping.’

The FAB Pantry social supermarket launched this Autumn on a trial basis in a former school caretaker’s bungalow. It has since joined the national group ‘Your Local Pantry’, an exclusive membership-based food club.

‘Local families pay a small fee each week and in return, get at least 10 quality items, including fresh and frozen produce, toiletries and store cupboard staples. It’s a huge saving.’

Eventually the FAB Pantry project aims to set up a community garden and group cooking sessions.

‘We’re really pleased local people are volunteering to help run the pantry and are coming up with new ideas’, says Megan.