Pioneering new community-focused, healthcare models for a sustainable NHS.

Oasis Community Health has today announced key partnerships to develop integrated and sustainable community healthcare models to combat the ever-rising-cost of the nation’s health.

The Oasis and FLIA partnership will work together to develop Frimley’s Integrated Care System. Oasis will also provide support for the FLIA Advisory Board and Leadership Programme while FLIA will contribute to the development of Oasis Healthcare programmes.  Both organisations will also take part in leadership exchanges to promote cross fertilisation of ideas.

Oasis’ partnership with Guy’s & St Thomas’ Charity is a long-term initiative to tackle childhood and youth obesity in Lambeth and Southwark.

Oasis has worked in community development since the 1980s, pioneering models of sustainable, integrated and holistic wellbeing. In both new partnerships Oasis will share its expertise from 30-years-experience in engaging local communities and implementing an integrated community approach.

Public health research has shown that socio-economic factors make-up 40% of what affects our overall health; twice that of the provision of clinical care. 

This means that much of our health is down to the work of everyone; from local councils to charities, schools to faith groups and businesses to individuals.  Integrated services are essential. Anything less misunderstands the nature of human need.

Steve Chalke, Founder of Oasis Global said: “Our community work has shown us that radical change only happens when individuals and whole communities make the change themselves.

“We cannot tackle disadvantage and inequality until we move away from the expectation that experts will do things for us.  If we want to see the change we desperately need we must build from the grass-roots and see everyone working together.

"Healthcare can't be left just to the professionals; it is far too important for that. Communities have a key role to play in any effective integrated-health-service of the future.

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