Our South West communities

Oasis Academy Longmeadow

Through a series of events, Christmas and Summer fairs and gardening projects, the hub seeks to build and maintain strong relationships in its community of Trowbridge. Centred around Oasis Academy Longmeadow, which builds character and values in local youngster as well as providing a great primary education, the hub has facilitated epic fundraising challenges including hosting ‘Race for Life’ in the Academy grounds.

Oasis Hub Bath
Based in the heart of the beautiful city of Bath, Oasis Hub Bath has a growing church community engaged in a wide range of community projects, from hosting twelve step fellowship groups and running a Kinship Carers Support Group, to providing free hot meals to children and their families in the school holidays. Developing projects include the expansion of food poverty work through the provision of a community fridge, and the transformation of Oasis Church Bath into a thriving and modern community centre.
Oasis Hub Lord's Hill

From a community-transforming Academy to a socially inclusive city farm and a thriving range of youth groups, Oasis operates a bursting hub of energy at the heart of the Lord’s Hill community in Southampton. The hub supports people of all ages and from all backgrounds through a stream of adult education, youth development and social integration projects and has made a significant impact on the community over a number of years.

Oasis Academy Mayfield

Located in Grove Park, is the thriving Oasis Academy Mayfield, a good school which through its programme of clubs and activities connects with a wide range of local community members throughout the week. The hub has also pioneered Oasis Church Mayfield, a friendly group of people exploring life together who meet on Sundays at 5PM at St Andrews Church on South East Road. Together, the hub also offers advice and support services such as parenting classes and adult education.

Oasis Hub North Bristol

Through the work of our three local schools – Oasis Academies Brightstowe, Bank Leaze and Long Cross – Oasis is hard at work in the community of North Bristol. Through a diverse range of clubs and activities, community social events and of course, young people being given access to an exceptional education, the hub strives to build neighbourhoods where everyone can reach their God-given potential. The hard-working chaplaincy team also work across the Academies enrich the wellbeing of the young people that attend.

Oasis Hub South Bristol

Toward the south of this great city, in the community of Hengrove are located three primary schools, Oasis Academies New Oak, Connaught and Marksbury Road. Together, with the secondary schools Oasis Academy John Williams, they work to create opportunities for the whole community by providing the best possible education to local young people and support to parents and carers. With the help of corporate partners, the hub has launched a peace garden to help heal divisions and nurture a positive story for the whole community.

Oasis Charitable Trust is a Company Limited by Guarantee (no. 2818823) and a Registered Charity (no. 1026487) Registered Office: 1 Kennington Road, London SE1 7QP