Sodexo have sponsored the National Student awards for 4 years now and have committed to support this for at least another 2.
Over 1,000 students, principals, teachers and executives from across the Oasis family of 48 academies join at the ICC Birmingham for the glamorous and heart-warming day. Sodexo have been instrumental in the event’s delivery allowing us to come together and celebrate the individual and collective achievements of every student involved.


Mailserve are a regionally based company built on family values and have been partnered with Oasis for 3 years now. An advocate for social action, Mailserve identified the Oasis Hubs as an important provision for local communities.
In support of that joint mission they have sponsored a Corporate Golf Day and Drinks Reception as part of the Oasis Fundraising calendar.

For more information and to discuss oppurtunities please email Diana.Steele@oasisuk.org.

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