Summer Sessions Success

With just three weeks’ notice, Oasis staff pulled together a series of socially distanced Summer Sessions in 22 locations offering holiday activities and a free lunch.



Summer Sessions served 32,000 free lunches

Before Covid-19 hit, Oasis had planned to run its Plate Up holiday clubs in 32 locations ensuring children from the lowest income families got a free lunch and fun activities.

‘We really didn’t want to cancel them,’ says Steve Chalke, ‘ when children had been off school for three months already missing their friends.’

Following an appeal to Oasis staff and volunteers, we were able to run Summer Sessions for four weeks of the holidays.

The sessions were socially distanced and mostly held outside or online in 22 locations. Park Plaza Hotel stepped in with the offer of a huge hotel kitchen near Westminster where volunteers cooked thousands of oven-meals for families  and lunches and picnic bags for children.

We served 32,000 lunches in total!