Help us protect young people from radicalisation


This week, we launched a new report titled Enough is Enough: Addressing the Root Causes of Radicalisation. It’s a report that’s grounded in our practical experience of working in community and in the expertise of many other practitioners and academics. And it’s something that we very much need your help with…

Enough is Enough reflects our growing sense of frustration that the UK is simply missing the point on youth radicalisation. Islamist radicalisation is a massive social and security issue – but it is only one of a number of forms of youth radicalisation that are reaching epidemic levels across many of our towns and cities. And as a nation we’re failing to respond properly to its root causes.

Because the truth is that Islamist radicalisation shares a significant number of root causes with gang-based radicalisation, political extremism, gun and knife crime and aggressive forms of racism. Many of us will recognise those root causes from our own communities: issues of identity and belonging among our young people; of deprivation and economic marginalisation; of mental health; of community and family breakdown.

Finding new ways to combat radicalisation…

We are convinced that the UK must respond to those root causes in a strategic and systematic way if we are to have a hope of reversing the trend. Because we can’t arrest our way out of terror. Or gang culture. Or political extremism. That conviction is borne out of experience – the experience of working in 36 of the most vulnerable communities across the country.

That is why Oasis is invested in delivering world-class education, youth and children’s work and character formation within those communities. That is why we are committed to helping those communities to tackle structural disadvantage, to creating opportunities for young people to thrive.

That is why we are seeking to re-radicalise our young people to a far more positive narrative through our INSPIRE programme – which will introduce at least a million children and young people in the UK to resources on peacemaking and conflict resolution.

That is why we are dedicated to helping every individual we work with, in our schools, through our housing projects, in every neighbourhood we work in, to reach their God-given potential in life.

But to make all this a reality, we need your help…

Because a lot of what we do in our most vulnerable and fragmented communities isn’t funded by central or local government, we need your help in funding these critical services: the community hub leaders, youth workers and family support workers who make such a difference to the lives of our young people.


But we know that we need to persuade Government to adopt some of the approaches to radicalisation and community that we, and others, have found to work. And to do that we need your help…

Please take some time to read the report and to write to your local MP asking them to support this important policy development using the template letter that we’ve prepared. You can find the email address for your MP here or send your letter via Write to Them. They are required to respond – and we would be really grateful if you can send us their response at

Together we can make a real change. Together we can prevent the radicalisation of young people in some of our most vulnerable neighbourhoods. Together we can save lives.

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