During a recent visit to the United States, Oasis Founder Steve Chalke was interviewed by American Pastor Rob Bell for his popular weekly podcast, The Robcast.  Rob and Steve's in-depth... read more

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Oasis Founder, Steve Chalke and Ethos and Formation Director, Jill Rowe recently visited America to explore exciting plans for the development of a new hub in the USA.  If you are interested in getting involved please click below for more information.



Oasis UK

Oasis UK is a charity working across the country to improve lives by bringing inclusion, opportunity and community transformation. We believe that every person is important and that with kindness and compassion we can help people to lift themselves into happier, brighter futures.
Ben is 14. He’s the eldest of 6 siblings. His parents are separated, and Ben and his brothers and sisters were living with their mother. They live in quite a rough area, where lots of young... read more


During a recent visit to the United States, Oasis Founder Steve Chalke was interviewed by American Pastor Rob Bell for his popular weekly podcast, The Robcast.   Rob and... read more
Three national charities – inspired by school children and local churches in South London – have teamed up to launch what is already becoming a nationwide campaign called ‘Harvest for Hope’ which is... read more
At Oasis, we are rooted in a deep belief that every human being is made in the image of God.  As such it almost goes without saying that we have been tremendously saddened, angered and... read more
RT @SteveChalke: 'The portrayal of poverty on TV often dehumanises rather than bringing hope.' What I will say @bbc conference in Manchester today.
10:22 AM - 30 Nov 2015
RT @CommunityAlbums: Lots of excitement filming @OasisAcademies Silvertown this morning @Oasis_UK #empowering https://t.co/gUfNfrJh9T
02:40 PM - 28 Nov 2015

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From everyone here at Oasis, we would like to wish Steve Chalke a very HAPPY and blessed birthday. 60 today, and doesn't look a day over 30!
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