Carrie's Story Carrie arrived at Oasis’s housing project No. 3 emotionally wounded by all that she been through. Abused by her father from the age of eight, Carrie felt isolated and confused... read more



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Oasis UK is a charity working across the country to improve lives by bringing inclusion, opportunity and community transformation. We believe that every person is important and that with kindness and compassion we can help people to lift themselves into happier, brighter futures.
Ben is 14. He’s the eldest of 6 siblings. His parents are separated, and Ben and his brothers and sisters were living with their mother. They live in quite a rough area, where lots of young... read more


Oasis calls on people to legally change name to HOPE   Ahead of 2015 Election, politicians asked to pledge campaigns of Hope not despair or irrelevance   5000 people to... read more
Open Church The church, sexuality, mission and the future. An important conversation for all those passionate about the future of the Church. Friday 10th and Saturday 11th April 2015 To... read more
Life Support at North Middlesex Hospital North Middlesex Hospital based in Enfield treated 1,069 gang related injuries last year, with many of the same young people coming in again and again... read more
RT @Ross1982: @OasisChurchSB @Oasis_UK @OasisWaterloo please check out my new blog been inspired by #2DaysRobBell to start writing
08:35 AM - 27 Jun 2014
@SannaAdlem @OasisWaterloo yes - main stage talks were recorded and will be made available in due course
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"Religious education is needed more than ever in schools." Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts!
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#ThurdaysThoughts 'We are all free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices.'
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