Carrie's Story Carrie arrived at Oasis’s housing project No. 3 emotionally wounded by all that she been through. Abused by her father from the age of eight, Carrie felt isolated and confused... read more



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Oasis UK is a charity working across the country to improve lives by bringing inclusion, opportunity and community transformation. We believe that every person is important and that with kindness and compassion we can help people to lift themselves into happier, brighter futures.
Ben is 14. He’s the eldest of 6 siblings. His parents are separated, and Ben and his brothers and sisters were living with their mother. They live in quite a rough area, where lots of young... read more


3rd August 2015: The Financial Times has chosen Stop the Traffik as its 2015-2016 charity seasonal appeal partner. Stop the Traffik is a global charity working to prevent human trafficking and... read more
Church leaders have revealed the ‘significant strain’ placed on their marriages by the pressures of ministry. In a survey of 200 vicars, pastors, ministers and leaders from across the UK, 65% of... read more
Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a new Government strategy to tackle extremism in the UK, Rev Steve Chalke MBE, Founder of Oasis, which is responsible for 44 primary and secondary... read more
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05:14 PM - 02 Sep 2015
It's landed! The #neighbourhoodchallenge starts today. Visit your nearest @StarbucksUK store or visit us here
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Today is the 349th anniversary of the Great Fire of London which lasted for 3 days destroying thousands of homes and iconic buildings including St...
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Be a part of the Oasis team and join one of our challenge events. There's something for everyone
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GRAHAMSTOWN: Cleaning up the yard for a community garden
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