We believe things can change

We have been pioneering sustainable, holistic community development for 35 years. We work in many communities affected by inequality that impacts all areas of life. So we work in a joined-up way across our communities to create change – economically, socially, physically, spiritually; in education, housing, justice, health, youth, and family support; with people of all ages and in all situations.

We believe that things can change. Where systems leave communities disadvantaged we’re bold about pioneering alternatives and trying new things. We’re not satisfied with the status quo where it keeps people trapped in poverty, or constantly at risk of exclusion.


The Story of Oasis

Oasis was founded in 1985 in Tonbridge, Kent, by Rev Steve Chalke. After five years of fundraising and awareness raising, the first Oasis project – a hostel for homeless young women in Peckham – was opened by Steve and Cornelia Chalke in 1990. Since then Oasis has grown in to a global movement pioneering a whole range life-changing projects around the world.