Food poverty

Our food poverty work began with Plate Up tackling school holiday hunger by providing holiday activities with a free lunch. Since Covid-19, this work has expanded to food banks, pantries and social supermarkets meet the surge in need.

Food Poverty

Youth mental health

Mental ill health is growing among children and young adults and early intervention  drop-ins and well-being workshops take place across our schools and Community Hubs. Specialist youth workers are attached to hospital A & E departments and custody centres.

Youth Mental Health

Oasis Restore

Oasis Restore represents a milestone  reform to the UK’s failing youth custody service. Working with the Ministry of Justice, this new secure school will take a holistic, trauma-informed approach to rehabilitation.

Oasis Restore

Break The Cycle

Currently 33% of school pupils but only 39 head teachers or principals are from the BAME community. Break the Cycle is a movement to find practical ways of  promoting racial equality in education leadership.

Racial Equity

Creating Sanctuary

Creating Sanctuary seeks to support and encourage churches to provide a welcoming safe space and suitable pastoral care to members of the LGBT+ community.

Creating Sanctuary