Character building through football

Across the world in the communities where Oasis works, children and young people are vulnerable and at risk – from early sexual activity, HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted  Diseases – and often engage in drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and other anti-social behaviour.

Oasis Football For Life projects work with these vulnerable and marginalised children and young people, using football as the medium for building confidence and self-esteem, and teaching valuable life skills, helping them to make healthy and informed life choices.

Each club delivers other activities alongside football including programmes in education, healthcare, money management, and character formation depending on their particular context. To support the work in these areas FFL has produced a number of resources including a manual on setting up and running a FFL project, a year-long course aimed at teaching the Oasis 9 Habits through football drills, and two story books.

Underpinning these core areas of focus, FFL seeks to help children and young people develop a mind-set and attitude of inclusion and community cohesion.

FFL projects are intentional in engaging young people of different social, religious and ethnic backgrounds, reducing the risk of young people engaging in extremist groups, gangs, and other exclusive activity.

FFL seeks to grow leaders and create change agents, people equipped to contribute to their own transformation, that of others, and that of their community.

Oasis FFL teams across the world

There are about 400 boys and girls, aged 10 – 23, involved in Oasis FFL teams in:

  • India – 8 teams in 4 Oasis hubs
  • Uganda 4 teams in the Beersheba Club
  • Mozambique – 3 teams across 2 Clubs
  • UK – 4 teams in the Lionhearts Club
  • Kyrgyzstan – 2 teams

Tournaments in Mozambique, for the wider community can attract up to 1,000 people.

The Beersheba Club in Uganda also runs a Young Farmers project teaching team members horticultural skills. The farming project  is financed by 3rd Warley Boys Brigade group in the Midlands.

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How Oasis FFL is helping young people

Lionhearts Club, Birmingham

The Lionhearts Club in Oasis Hobmoor, Birmingham has helped many young people gain self-confidence and get involved in charity work.

Ashim, Beersheba FC coach

“I learnt so many things through the training course. I used to put pressure on my players to win, now I help them enjoy the football sessions.”
– Ashim, under-14s Coach, Beersheba FC.

Bangalore Boys!

“We look forward to the match practices and enjoy spending time with our friends in the field. We can’t wait for Oasis to start practices again after the lockdown.”
– Vishal and Yashwanth, Oasis HGH Hub, Bangalore.

Swaibu, u-16s, Beersheba FC

“The programme that most helped me was ‘Catch Up Numeracy and Literacy’. I used to struggle at school, now my reading and
writing are going well!” – Swaibu, u-16s playerat Beersheba FC.

Suzanne, coach Mumbai

“Oasis FFL doesn’t just teach football skills. We provide nutrition and kits to the players and we’re helping to guide children who need it most.  I am glad I can be part of it.”
– Suzanne coaches at Oasis Nallasopara hub in Mumbai, India

Oasis FFL book series

‘Bobo & the Mango Park Mystery’
is the latest on a series of books by FFL organiser, Dave Caswell, designed to build character through the Oasis 9 Habits