James, a single man struggling with mental health issues came to an Oasis Hub – not for help with his illness but with the crippling debt he faced.

Unable to work regularly due to his mental health problems, he had unpaid household bills and was using his Job Seeker’s Allowance of just £73 a week to pay off instalments on £4,000 worth of debt. He was also paying £18 a week for the difference between his rent and his housing benefit. He lived on credit card and overdrafts.

Oasis debt advisors helped him apply for disability benefits rather than Job Seeker’s Allowance due to his mental health condition. This put him into a different benefits category and increased his weekly income three-fold. Oasis advisers also negotiated with creditors to reduce or clear outstanding debts.

I feel like a different person now,’ says James. ‘I can’t tell you how much this extra money will make to my life. I felt so hopeless before and didn’t think this could change.’