Mission 44 and Sky partnership to tackle school exclusions


Oasis and Co-op Academies Trust will each receive £450,000 from Mission 44 and Sky’s ‘Preventing Exclusions Fund’ to pilot and implement innovative approaches to reducing exclusions across their school networks.

Pupils from Black Caribbean and Gypsy Roma Traveller backgrounds have the highest rates of permanent exclusion in England (Department for Education data). The Preventing Exclusions Fund was launched in January 2022 by Mission 44 and Sky to address this issue and transform the lives of young people from underserved communities.

“I’m delighted that Mission 44 will be working with two Multi-Academy Trusts to pilot different initiatives that support vulnerable young learners. We hope this work creates a blueprint for school networks and policymakers to prevent growth in exclusions and ensure we have an education system that works for all young people.” – Jason Arthur, CEO, Mission 44

Oasis runs 52 academies spread across five regions in England, providing either Primary, Secondary or All-through education to over 32,000 young people. Mission 44’s partnership with Oasis will focus on Black Caribbean students, supporting them to:

● Train over 600 teachers with the skills and knowledge to help them understand the unique challenges Black students face

● Co-design a bespoke parent programme to strengthen the relationship between Black students and their families

● Design, deliver and evaluate a new volunteer mentoring programme to create long-lasting, trusted relationships

Launched in 2010, Co-op Academies Trust is made up of 28 Primary, Secondary and Special schools in the Greater Manchester, Staffordshire, Merseyside and West Yorkshire areas. Mission 44’s partnership with Co-op Academies Trust will focus on the Trust’s Gypsy Roma Traveller communities and support the development of several initiatives including:

● Launching a community listening campaign and co-producing a package of interventions for students who are at risk of exclusions

● Design and delivery of a bespoke Race, Ethnicity and Education CPD training for staff

● Development of a social and emotional learning programme to help create more inclusive, relationships driven schools

“This exciting new partnership between Mission 44 and Oasis will transform the life chances of our students who are most at risk of exclusion from school, exploitation, criminalisation, and harm. Mission 44’s funding will support Oasis with our ground-breaking, innovative, and inclusive approach to working with young people -reducing exclusions, tackling racial disparities, and empowering our students to reach their full potential.” – Steve Chalke, Founder of Oasis

“I couldn’t be more proud of this project and to be working in partnership with Gypsy Roma Traveller communities. Our Trust is built on the foundations of creating excellent and positive opportunities through education, and I’m excited to be working with Mission 44 and Sky to create even better experiences for all our students. The impact of this collaboration will be felt by all.” – Chris Tomlinson, CEO of Co-op Academies Trust

About Mission 44
Mission 44 was founded by Sir Lewis Hamilton to build a fairer, more inclusive future inwhich every young person can thrive. The foundation supports bold organisations, leaders and ideas to reimagine the future and transform the lives of young people from underserved communities. Through grantmaking, research and advocacy, Mission 44 is focused on building a more inclusive education system, supporting progression into STEM careers and empowering young people to be changemakers.