New VRU project supporting parents and carers"We are committed to finding the right support to prevent families reaching crisis point"


On Monday 2nd Oct 2023 we launched a new programme in collaboration with Greater Manchester’s Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) to support parents and carers in Greater Manchester who are worried that their children may be involved in violence, crime or at risk of exploitation.

The programme will provide 1:1 support for parents and carers with family support workers who will offer advice, advocacy, emotional support, therapeutic training and connections to other organisations who can help with specific needs. In addition, support groups will be offered for parents and carers in order to foster a sense of community based on shared experiences.

As Hannah Barton, Project Coordinator, Oasis, said:

“We believe parents and carers are in the best position to support young people. We often speak to parents that are struggling to know where to get support or told that they are not eligible. The parent and carer support team recognises it is vital that these parents and carers are listened to. We are committed to finding the right support to prevent families reaching crisis point.”

A particularly exciting part of the programme is that it has been designed in collaboration with parents and carers who have had experiences of looking after young people who are vulnerable to violence.

Sarah Kendall, a parent who helped to design the service, said: 

“I feel really passionate about this service, and I was happy to help in the consultation to bring it to life. What I experienced was isolating and parents need to know that they’re not on their own when they see that change in behaviour from their child.”

As the charity responsible for running this programme, we are very excited about what this project will do for the lives of parents, carers and young people in Greater Manchester. As Janet Berry, Regional Community Partnerships Director, Oasis, commented,

“This is an incredibly important service that will provide parents and carers with the tools to support their children, build healthy family relationships and connection into local support networks.”

This new programme is rooted in our desire to treat everyone equally by making sure that all parents in Greater Manchester have access to this programme and to make sure that all vulnerable young people are supported.