Gender Agenda conference Sept 28

You can find video links and other resources from The Gender Agenda conference here. The conference, hosted by Dr Carrie Grant and David Grant, featured Rev Rachel Mann and Rev Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool.

Breakout groups on inclusion of trans gender people in churches, education and the workplace included shared experience from Stephenie Robinson, Alex Clare Young with representatives of the campaign groups, Mermaids and Proud Trust.


Resources from The Gender Agenda Conference 2021

Title Date Link
My Lived Experience: Rev Rachel Mann See video
The Role of Allies in Creating Trans Justice. Bishop of Liverpool See video
Q&A: Rev Paul Bayes and Rev Rachel Mann See video
Life in Transition: Krystyna Hebb, Mermaids See video
Q & A with Mermaids See video
Workshop: Transition and Employment Joy Madeiros and Vicki Curle See video
A Parent's view: interview with Dr Carrie Grant and David Grant See video
Inclusion of Trans Students Guidance See download
OCL Transgender Statement See download
Transgender in Oasis Community Learning (PPT) See download
Transgender Inclusion in Education (PPT) See download
Steve Chalke video on Gender Transition See video

The Gender Agenda

On Tuesday, 28 September we are holding a free online conference to explore the inclusion of transgender people in education, faith communities and the workplace, in collaboration with Mermaids UK and Proud Trust.

Broadcaster and TV voice coach Dr Carrie Grant and present husband David will host the event. The couple have three children who identify as ‘trans/nonbinary’.

 “We’re supporting the Gender Agenda conference because we really need to get these issues out in the open, especially in churches and schools.

Young people struggling with gender fluidity can face bullying and rejection on a major scale that impacts their mental health.”

Dr Carrie Grant MBE


The conference will bring together transgender pioneers and their allies to consider transgender issues and how best to support people identifying as being in transition.

We will look at the journey that a trans person and their families face, the importance of support and how this can happen well. This will be considered in the different ways that this can take place in schools, communities, faith organisations and employment.

Key speakers

The interactive programme will be led by people who identify as trans and their allies, including:

  • Rev Rachel Mann (Anglican priest, poet and feminist theologian)
  • Rev Paul Bayes (Bishop of Liverpool), and
  • Rev Steve Chalke (author of ‘The Gender Agenda’)

There will be a chance during the conference for participants to explore areas of specific interest such as  education, faith and employment.

For more information, and to book tickets: